Tenant Screening When Third Party is Leasing House

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I will be renting out my home for the first time and have done enough research to know that I should be running a full set of background/financial checks on applicants to make sure they're qualified tenants.  The full suite of checks run with the platform I'm using include:

Job history, rental history, income verification, credit score, adverse items, credit history, nationwide criminal check, terror list, sex offender list, evictions.

However, one of the tenant candidates that's interested in my property is a physician who contracts with a medical company.  The employer (medical company) actually pays for housing and the lease for my property would be with the medical company, not the tenant themselves.

Given that, I'm trying to figure out which background/financial checks are relevant.  As long as it's the medical company that's leasing with me, it seems that the job history, rental history, income verification, credit score, credit history and eviction checks would not be relevant.

What are your thoughts?  Just run the criminal, terror, and sex offender checks on the tenants and assume that the medical company is solid enough to be good on the financial/credit side of things?

Thanks in advance or any guidance.

I'm not familiar with your specific situation, but I would consider taking the approach of a commercial tenant. You may be able to run a credit report on the medical company (through companies like Experian, Dun & Bradstreet) if they have a history to show. Also, you may be able to ask for relevant documents such as business entity information, bank statements, tax filings, references and so on.

Perhaps others with better experience will add to the above.