Air conditioner damaged

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I was gone last week Tuesday for a work trip. Returned late Friday night. My wife called me to inform me the air conditioning wasn’t working properly on Tuesday night. I had her defrost the unit by switching the unit to fan. Late Thursday she informed me that it still was not working. The landlord sent a technician Friday morning. The technician is saying the coil has holes as if someone would have hit it and made a hole on it. My wife has not even been under the coil. And I wasn’t even home. The landlord is saying we must pay for the inside unit since we caused the damages. What are our rights here? Thank you

@Bryan Bravo Unless your lease says you are responsible for repairs, I would presume that its the Landlords responsibility. "As if" is not definitive proof that you or your wife did anything.

According to google: "Corrosion of the copper tubing in thecoil from the outside in is the most common cause of evaporator coil leaks. This corrosion happens when formic acid accumulates on the coil as a result of the interaction of water, copper and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in your indoor air."

Sounds to me like there is a reasonable reason why this would have happened as expected wear and tear. I'd say it's the landlord's duty to replace it, if so stated in your lease.