Eviction Tenants Left Property With Bed Bugs

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I evicted tenants from an apartment in my 4 unit building in PA. Under PA law when a tenant is evicted they have 10 days to notify the landlord of their intent to come back and pick up any stuff they left. If they notify the Landlord the Landlord has to store it for 30 days. They must notify the Landlord in writing.

I suspected these tenants might have bed bugs and sent and inspector yesterday who confirmed they have bed bugs. They left two mattresses and a couch in the apartment and a third mattress on the back porch.

I emailed the tenant last night asking if she was coming to get her stuff and she said "yes" but didn't give me a time or date.

Any suggestions on what I should do? The pest control company told me throw it out once its been treated. I don't really want to have to store these infested mattresses for 30 days, but I know if I throw them out she will try and sue me for the cost. Any chance I could throw this stuff out under the assumption that its "trash"? 

I should add that my biggest concern is that the bugs spread to other apartments in the building. 

"Store" the stuff by leaving in the apartment and get an extermination company to start treatment. You can have them bag the mattresses as well on their first round. Bed bugs should get a few rounds of treatment to kill off in full - so start that process. Its not like you can rent the unit anyways.

Count to 30, then throw away, and do one last treatment after removal.