Recommended make/model for a stacked en suite w/d?

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I would hate to install a stacked washer and dryer (or any appliance) only to find out I picked out an unreliable, costly, model. Does anyone have any advice on any particular make and model, whether it's good or bad?

Take a look at Consumer Reports magazine; they review washers and dryers every couple of years.  I'm not sure how often they do the stackable models, though.  They actually buy the appliances at retail and do their own tests, and they don't accept advertising.

They have a Web site, but you have to be a subscriber to see their rankings.  Many public libraries also subscribe; I can log in to my local library's Web site first and then pull up articles from Consumer Reports' site for free.  I think they also have paper copies on the shelf at the library - at least the last couple of years' worth.

Don't get that magazine confused with Consumers Digest.  Consumers Digest follows the traditional "product review" business plan - the more ads you buy in their magazine, the better your product is ranked.