Investor friendly property management companies in Tampa

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I am starting to look at investment opportunities in the Tampa area. I would like to start building my core 4 by finding a property management company that can supply the insight I desire and offer property management as if the property was their own. Recommendations are greatly appreciated. 

Hello I will say talk to BP members who live in your area who are REI. The next is to go to REI group meeting in your area. This is where you can meet REI investors who can recommend you the right property manager in your area.

Thanks for the response. I currently do all of the above, but live in the greater New Orleans area. I would like to expand my reach into the Tampa/ St. Pete area, but not living there makes it a little tougher to go meet ups and build these relationships with other REI's. This is why I was hoping for some direction to start my search and try to set up some meetings when I travel down in the future.