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Hello Everyone!

I am officially under contract on a duplex in Chambersburg PA! It is fully occupied but both leases say the lease ends the day the property sells and they have 60 days to sign a new agreement or leave. I plan on keeping one side and not renewing the other so I can move in. I am searching for an experienced lawyer in the area to look over the new rental agreement, any recommendations and general advice would be appreciated!

Thank you!


@Brook Boatman , we've used Lawrence Rife with Hoskinson & Wenger to setup our LLC and used him to do all the legal documents for our first duplex. We've been very happy with him and his expertise. We have two duplexes in Chambersburg and one in Waynesboro. Shoot me a message on where yours is and I'll help with anything I can! Congratulations!!

Brook - Sounds like you have good recommendations but to add another. I use 
Jeffrey S. Evans, Attorney and Buchanan Settlement Services in Waynesboro. Very happy with both.

I use Adam Deluca from Allied Attorneys in Carlise, PA.  That's about 20 mins up 81 for you.  Highly recommend him.