How to Stay Safe as a Section 8 Landlord?

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I'm truly willing to do whatever it takes to become a massive Section 8 landlord over the next 5-10 years, as long as I'm not risking my life.  Once I accumulate enough properties, I know that I'll be able to hire a manager, but starting out, I'm probably going to have to be very involved with the management process.  As a white kid from the suburbs, I realize that I will be in very unfamiliar turf as I begin my career as a landlord.

So, other than buying a gun that I carry at all times, never going to the properties at night, and screening tenants beforehand to make sure they don't have serious criminal records, what else can I do to ensure that I stay safe while managing these types of properties in bad neighborhoods?

Updated about 2 years ago

As a kid from the suburbs.

Section 8 doesn’t have to be in a war zone or unsafe neighborhood. And if those are the neighborhoods you’re planning to focus on, that’s a whole different business model and one that you should probably reconsider because it’s not for the faint of heart and can sometimes even be difficult to find property managers willing to take on those properties. 

It doesn't matter that much I guess.  I just mentioned it because in the areas I'm looking, which are 80-90% non-white, I'll stand out way more.