Property management company dinged my credit.

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I live in Texas and own 2 homes in Ohio. The first property management company I used wasn't very good, so I switched. The first property management company did not tell the new company about a utility account they had opened. They continued to receive bills. They did not pay them, or notify the new management company or me. The account was sent to collections and it is now on my credit report. I've contacted the collection agency. They say they only remove it when it is a case of identity fraud. Is there anything I can do?

Whether the debt is valid or not or who is responsible for payment is not part of my response.

Never try to deal with a collection agency. They have only one purpose in life, to collect debts. They are not your friend and they will not help you in any way.

All you need to do is file a dispute with the credit bureau(s) that show the debt. This puts the onus on the collection agency to prove the debt is valid. Under The Fair Credit Reporting Act, the collection agency has a finite amount to reply with supporting evidence and if they don't,  the delinquency will be removed from your credit report. Do this for ALL agencies that show the delinquency.

Is doing this (assuming the debt is valid), you are playing the odds that the agency will not respond and if they don't, it is removed. If this fails, and the agency is able to substitute the debt, then negotiate with the agency IN WRITING, that you will pay the debt IF they remove any delinquency from your credit report that refers to this debt. You have the upper hand; they want their money and now you can set the terms. There is no downside to you, assuming it is a small debt. Good luck suing you.