New landlord dealing w/ tenant that pay's but 2nd person living.

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Hello i am renting out a unit to a 1st time tenant that pays on time but within in the

last month i have been seeing a different person coming and going.

The noise level has increased later in the evening.

I am deciding to ask the tenant to just leave because i have found in the past that tenants are like kids if you start telling them don't do this or that to much they grt angry and i will have to ask them to leave or do i ask if someone is living there and ask for more money and to reduce the noise.

I feel like eviction is the best way but they pay well and might be will to pay more but if problems keep continuing eviction might be difficult due to the state which supports tenants.

Should i cut my losses and look for someone else or should i try to make it work?

@Deven Singh . I would first try to ascertain exactly the situation is by talking to the tenant. Find out who the "new" person is? On what basis are they occupying the property? Some possible answers: Short term Guests, New Significant Other, Relative, etc. 

With the answer to the above, you can formulate a game plan. If the "new" person is / will be staying long term, you can either allow or not allow. If tenant is responsible, pays on-time, etc., just add the "new" person to the lease - increases the likelihood of collecting the rent if both people working. Talk to the tenant about an increased level of noise, and remind them of their responsibility to maintain a peaceful environment.   

Worst case, you can go for eviction for breach of the lease. Beware that evictions no matter how quick or easy it might be, will must always cost you money!