How can I help your business run better?

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What do you need in your business to save time?  Do you have any problems that are consistent?  Problems that are stealing your energy and focus?  What kind of problems are these?

What would it be like if you gained an extra hour per day?  How much more could you accomplish if you were free'd from tedious work?

Let me know what I can do for you.  What are the areas of your business that you continuously wonder why there isn't some software or service to reduce your workload and free up mental energy?

Finding partners who have money to invest. I am a younger investor looking to invest but I don't have enough capital for a typical down payment and have been trying to find some people to partner with but a challenge to go through the process of searching for someone and then having a lengthy discussion to see if our goals align. Any help would be great. 

@Adam Lang   That seems to be the problem that most who are new to the game have.  What value do you provide?  In my opinion, Bigger Pockets does a great job with solving this problem as it expands your network and gives you opportunities to meet people worldwide with similar goals.  Your focus would probably be on providing massive value to any potential partners who have capital but don't have something that you can provide.