Landlord breached lease...?

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I have a client who I’ve worked with on two rentals. Her lease was up today (7/31) though she moved her stuff out on 7/26. She had a couple of pieces of mail delivered and a package yesterday...when she went to pick up she discovered the locks had already been changed and a new tenant had already moved in (before her lease/60 day notice was up technically). Does she have any recourse? Your thoughts on filing a civil suit...?

Originally posted by @Jessica Wygal Garza:

Your thoughts on filing a civil suit...?

What exactly are her damages? Best case, landlord rented it the day she moved out and she gets her rent back for the last 5 days. Or maybe the tenant moved in today and there is only one day of overlapping rent. Or perhaps the landlord let the tenant move in a few hours early on the 31st and the lease starts on August 1st? 

The judge might also feel she legally vacated the property by moving out and taking all her stuff with her. 

She needs to move on with her life and not tie up the already overburdened court system with meaningless issues like this. 

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