Tracking PM disbursements in Stessa (or similar software)

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I started using Stessa to manage a new duplex I acquired and have an issue I was hoping others using Stessa or similar PM software may know how to address. I use a PM to manage the duplex. I have linked Stessa to both my PM statements and also my bank account to autofill transactions as they occur. However, when the PM makes disbursements, it sends it to my bank account. This is resulting in an "expense" of the disbursement showing up on my records and additional "income" coming into my bank account.

Does anyone have any recommendation on how to address? I realize that the dual marking of the expense/income comes out even, but it nonetheless will throw off the actual accuracy of my tracking numbers at year end. I also recognize I can manually delete the transactions myself when they occur, but my goal is to move more properties over to Stessa, so it will end up multiplying the monthly corrective efforts needed. True, deleting two transactions per month is still easier than manually logging all the other transactions, but was hoping someone else may have insight on how to truly automate the process.

Any insight is appreciated. Thank you.

@David K. I use QBO so not quite the same. I have similar issue with tracking loan payments and separately tracking principal versus interest. I have to use ledger entries to show what money is really being applied. Doesn’t change the bottom line like adding or deleting transactions. Not sure if STESSA has this available.

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