What do I get with Bigger Pockets Pro Monthly Payment option?

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Hello All,

Big fan of Bigger Pockets.  This is not a gripe...  or at least not suppose to be.

My lovely Bride and I are in the process of purchasing our first home.  Its a 4 unit that will be our primary residence.  I just signed up to be a Bigger Pocket Pro Member and was thinking that I would get access to the Lease Agreements for my state (NH).  I chose to go the route of monthly payments ($39/mo).  I am having trouble getting access to the Lease Agreements though.  Do I need to pay for an entire year subscription to get these?  I am weighing out the Cost to Value concerning the membership.  My personal position is that it is very unlikely that I will purchase another property in the next 365 days so I don't expect to wearout the Property Calculator.   $39 isn't the end of the world for me.  $400 is a good chunk of cash.  I'm thinking of canceling the membership and just paying the $99 for my state specific Landlord Forms.  After all, Scott Trench says save every penny.  All-in-all, I have been reading/listening to bigger pockets for years now so I suppose it is about time for me to open up my wallet.

Whats the general consensus of the masses?

Bigger pockets is great, not sure if a pro membership is needed for starting off in investing.

I would want a lease approved by a a lawyer no matter what. My advice, get a generic lease, add any pertinent info you think you need and have a local RE lawyer familiar with state lawns and regulations review.