New large shower tiles. Yay or Nay?

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Just finished the shower! Used to be ugly yellow subway tiles and a pink tub. I put 4x2 foot tiles down and reglazed the tub white. These tiles are probably meant for floors but I think came out pretty cool. What do you think?

Laying the 2x4 foot tiles was much quicker then the little subway tiles. Tiles were only $200 from Floor and Decor. The tub finish was $50. Glass frameless door was $260 from Home Depot (I'd normally skip the glass hopefully tenants don't destroy it too quickly). Fixture got on sale at Lowes $70.

For the kitchen counter tops I am using the middle stone and replacing old cabinets with white shakur from lowes which I got 20% off for $900 and counter top $800 installed for small kitchen....

Yay, for sure. From a practical point, I think larger tiles are better since they provide a lot less joints where moisture can eventually sneak through. Yours came out looking great. What kind of tub finish did you use?

Alex Calixto

yeah I'm curious about the glaze. Link the product. And does it work on porcelain metal tubs?

Large tiles are good, though I see some fitment issues, like lippage. And the edge should have been a metal edge, like those Schluter edgings, rather than that large bead of silicone.

It's called Tub and Tile it's a kit at home depot. Trick is need to clean the tub really well multiple times with the chemical and then do layers of glaze.