Hi This is definitely not what I would I ever thought that it would come to.  We are very civil and grown up parents when it comes to the matter of our child we get along just fine Our little boy starts school at Hanahan school of arts at the end of August we will both be there to walk him and  we are very civil when it comes to our little boy are problems are not his problems   So we still do things as a family So we still do things as a family We still live in the same house together  It's just time we have separate places we both believe deep down in our hearts that there is hope for us We have sat down  to lay everything out on the table and both   Add mitted that we are both at fault And we should have tried harder with that now lights now Hopefully one day we can apply everything we learned that we did not do for 1  Another and start fresh but right now we need our space  Yes we have done very well Do you think it together But it is not doing any good for us  Or when I say  Not doing any good for us I mean healthy for us as a separated couple I have a good job full time benefitsI average between $4000 to $6000 A month we had a tough patch for a while a little less Then a year Ago I have fail 20' and broke 3 bones and my left foot I work to every bit of it but it also to the toll on us as a couple What I'm asking for is a little help things are tight right now but my foot is fully Hilde in like I said I got very fortunate to get a very good job with And decent pay  It is just to the point where I need to find a place for me  And our son something very peaceful with the yard maybe 2 bedrooms 1 bath will be fine  Sayings are just a little tight right now Within a month or 2 things  Are really tight financially And is to the point where we do not want to make our relationship worseSo I agreedTo find a place for my son and I he is a great dadSo we will rotate half-and-half throughout the week so I give him time to get settled in I don't party I don't go out at little boy is my rock he is everything to me he is my best friend said that's who I want to spend all my extra time with if you can Help we would be greatly appreciatedMy credit score got hurt After the injury I went from being about to buy a houseTo now starting all over Please  Let us know if you can help thank you for your time and your website I did not even know this existed