Handyman for a mentor

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I plan on attending some Real Estate meetups in the near future and would really like to find a mentor. My question is, is it feasible to offer to be a handyman for a mentor in exchange for their time? If so, do I do it for free, or maybe a discounted price? I would love to hear some feedback from the investors in here.



A good mentor should expect nothing in return, but there are also a lot of people seeking mentors in real estate who aren't willing to put in the hustle.  Prove your worth and you'll get more out of the experience. 

I would encourage you to handle small tasks for free but let them know beforehand you will need to earn income for larger tasks.

100%-I started out with my mentor as a laborer at night on their flips. We've grown to partner on deals, and have gotten better in our respective areas because we can focus where we excel. If they see you as a sponge, or willing to learn AND they are a true businessperson they will view it as an opportunity to mold a mini version of themselves. Good luck!