Landlord Responsibilities during weather-caused power outage

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Hi there,

I live in a older recently renovated multi-family community and in the last monsoon storm a power surge caused all our electrical to the community to be fried. The property management did admit that some of the components in the electric box were very dated and had some recalls. It’s been about a week now and we still do not have any updates or timeline of when this will be fix. They have to completely rebuild and rewire the electric. So my question is what rights do I have as a tenant/renter? I’ve tried reaching out to my rental insurance about all the groceries in my fridge going bad and they do not cover those expenses. Management has put us in a hotel for the time being but it is still a inconvenience with traveling to work and not being able to do daily tasks like cook or do laundry. Any advice will be much appreciated!


Your question answered responsibility for the issue "weather-caused power outage" - so in your mind, it was weather caused, which is an "act of God"

Yours is not a unique issue, happens all the time and it looks like the management is handling this properly. Maybe they need to communicate a bit more, but you should keep asking them

It sounds like the management has already accepted responsibility for the repair of the electrical. As long as you are displaced, they have a responsibility to pay your lodging (NOT FOOD) and any other expenses incurred by you that are not normally in your daily course of living. 

I am sure management wants to get it fixed as soon as possible because it is costing them to keep you in the motel. 

As to the food, you can ask the management for reimbursement, BUT I will tell you from experience unless you have pictures or can otherwise prove the amount of food that went bad, and you can show they were responsible, be happy to get $100. Most people have no idea what was in the refrigerator and most exaggerate as to the contents.

Keep in mind, life is full of inconveniences. What more would like them to do?

PS - sounds like you told the insurance it was "weather-caused" thus an act of God is usually not covered.

Thank you for the response Jeff! I have documented everything and taken pictures. I guess I was wondering if this takes months to fix is that grounds for being able to break my lease early without any repercussions or are we at the mercy of our landlords and have to wait it out? 

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