Online Landlord and Tenant portals

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@Akeda Turner the three big ones are Cozy, Tenant Cloud, and Rently. There are some others like Buildium that are focused towards larger managers (50-100+ units)

I use Cozy and love it. I tried TenantCloud for its accounting capability, but found I liked the Cozy + QuickBooks combination better.

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What are some great online sources for landlords and tenants. I would like to be able to collect rental payments online, accept repair requests, etc.

 We use a property management software to handle that and all the accounting and leasing advertisements. It's called Rentec Direct and there are other platforms out there with similar offerings. For me personally I think it's super important to have as much as possible under the same roof so to speak.

@Akeda Turner ,

There are several options for landlords to choose from today, which is nice!  Some to consider would be Burbz, Cozy, TenantCloud, Tenant Turbo.

While the majority of the software tools/features are the same, there are some slight differences that could help you find the best fit.  Every company helps with Rent Collection, Leasing and Maintenance Requests.

The differences commonly deal with free vs. fees (monthly membership or per unit), marketplace of vendors and the accounting features they provide.  TenantCloud is commonly referred as the most powerful accounting software if that's your thing, most people are able to work with the basic accounting functions.

What are your goals and strategy for managing your properties?  That is a good starting point to find the right software solution.

@Akeda Turner   Hi Akeda, it is definitely a good idea to keep a tool in mind that can help you to take care of not only listing the property but also tenant screening, lease creation, rent collection, and maintenance tracking. Definitely, some good ones listed above but you may want to try a full suite application. Let me know if you have any questions! I'd be happy to help get those answered.