Alabama Landlord Tenant Laws

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Hi all,

Looking to see what you Alabama landlords do with Water/Sewer, Gas, electric, and rubbish services? Do you pay for them or have the tenants pay? Why do you do it that way?


I like to include pest control and yard maintenance in the rent, which reflects that expense. I like control over timing and methods for pest control and yard maintenance.  Tenants are willing to pay a premium not have to fool with that.  I also like to include renters insurance in the rent. It adds about $20 per month to my expenses, but it makes sure there is insurance so they don't see me for a tornado (yes, they do things like that!!!) because they have insurance money to buy new stuff. It also includes a liability component that comforts me.  You can upcharge the rent by $20.  Especially tenants of modest means, many don't realize how cheap renters insurance is.  Or, they've been turned down for things like auto insurance in the past and think nobody will insure them, or they've made monthly payments on insurance in the past and then had it cancelled for non-payment and so felt like buying insurance was just a waste of money.