How long in between securing a tenant & move in?

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I'm renting out my first apartment. It became vacant early this month. It is a 4 bedroom. I've had a lot of interest and many want to move in however none are looking to move in tomorrow. Typically Sept 1. What is the best way to handle this? A concern of mine is that someone willing to up and move ASAP might be a low quality tenant.  But I also don't want to burn 2-3 weeks in tenants because tenants don't want to or can't afford to pay double rent.  This is a somewhat low income blue collar working town.  Any advice would be great. Thanks

@John Anderson   With any rental, you will have vacancies.  If the previous tenant left early, they are on the hook for the rent until the lease is up though you need to look for a tenant to minimize that period of time.

Go with the best applicant you have even if it means waiting until Sept 1 for them to move in.

When a tenant gives notice or doesn't renew their lease, start showing the place as soon as they give notice.