Releasing Inherited Tenant from Existing Lease

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Hello all, 

I am closing this month on a triplex in Florida. I am inheriting a tenant with three cats that is reportedly very rarely actually staying at this apartment since she stays with her boyfriend most of the time. In addition to the pets, her current rent is also under market (currently paying 850 while market is closer to 1200). This lease expires in March 2020. 

Does anyone have an effective way or advice on offering this tenant to terminate her lease so she can potentially stay with her boyfriend? This would help me by getting rid of the pets in the unit, updating that unit and ultimately getting more rent out of that unit. If anyone has an idea on how to approach this, any insight would be much appreciated!



Looks like its been a few months. Hopefully you were able to figure something out. I would say 
see if she would be open to the idea of moving and try to help her as much as you can with the process of getting moved. If she doesn't want to move in with the BF you could help her find another apartment or set up a moving company or just see if there is a certain number she would take to move out. Best of luck!