how much maintenance do you do yourself?

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Over the years, I've had to hire and fire a bunch of gardeners.

They all ended up getting lazy and not showing up eventually. The last gardener, despite telling him not to, would scalp my tall fescue grass during the heat of the summer, and that would cause the grass to nearly die because it was too short, and the soil was getting baked. Plus, he probably brought weed seeds from other houses on his mower, and there was a big bermuda grass infestation. And the leaf blower was just aggravating the weed seed situation, contributing to a lawn full of weeds.

I ended up having to rip out half the turf, digging up all the bermuda, and replanting seed.

Although I hate to have to do it, now I do my own yard maintenance. I let the grass grow 7" long, to shade the soil and keep moisture and help prevent weeds, so I only mow once every 6-8 weeks. I spray preemergent weed killer, apply fertilizer. And the results are better than what I pay others to do.

I just haven't found a single reliable contractor. They're all minute men. They work for 5 minutes, collect their $35, and get out quick.

you want it done right, gotta do it yourself.

Can't help you but feel for you. The best example was us staying at a friends Vegas home. Had a beautiful pool & rear enclosed privacy garden. Pool guys would come on Tuesday clean it & service it & then landscape guys would show up Wednesday cut & weed-whack & then blow everything into the pool. The proverbial symbiotic relationship. 

My live-in maintenance guy (finally found a good one) has been excellent & took it upon himself to plant all sorts of flowers, get free mulch etc that he grabbed from a nursery they were tearing down. He then got us a ($2500 new) 2 yr old Cub Cadet lawn tractor for $450 from a facility he works for along with barely used chain saws & various landscaping equipment they didn't need anymore when they went with a professional landscaping. But it took a l-o-n-g time to find the right guy.

Good luck!!!

Ive pretty much done everything myself on buildings besides roofs & tapping/mudding I'm in the trades and have experience with a little bit of everything. Mostly HVAC, plumbing and electrical are the only things worth doing for me. The way I look at it I could be out working somewhere else making more money while paying someone to mow the lawn. 

Sometimes things aren't worth diy even if you know how to do it especially if you're trying to be a passive investor. 


If you live in your property it is easy to do it by yourself.

it it is a rental single home, you can transfer the job onto the tenant, depending the class of property or the size.

there is also an intermediate possibility : just pay to mow the grass ( $ 50 a month,  All seasons ) and take in charge the rest, plants or small pruning once a month. Also put some stones wherever you can, to reduce the size of work and the beautification.