Acceptable Tenants Credit Score

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Hi, I am receiving tenants applications for my rental property. One couple applied recently, and he is a truck driver with 680 credit score and his wife doesn't have credit since she is in a visa status with no SSN. Is the credit score 680 considered good? Should I go for it or not?

I know there's no certain answer for this game but it'd be appreciated if you could share your experience. Thank you!

As a baseline, anyone below 600 is considered sub-prime. That being said, NEVER go just by credit score. Read the report.

One of the best tenants we have under our management care had a score of 575. We looked and saw she was recently divorced and had a small car loan. Everything else checked out. A novice would've rejected her. 

We've also had people 700+ that we rejected because they lied to us about what would show up on their report.