Procrastinating with my Rental

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Hello everyone, I could use some help on how to get my rental out there & starting the search for a new quality tenant.

I am currently house hacking a duplex in a desirable school district in Rochester, Ny. I inherited a tenant, an amazing tenant, but they're moving to another city. They should be all moved out Sept. 8 and I do have some updates to complete once they're out. Mainly replacing the old carpet, old bathtub walls & installibg lau dry hookups.

I hope to have a new tenant in it by Oct. 1st the absolute latest. Its a small 2bed 1Ba, and rent will be more than likely be in the median range for rent in the area. I know Im behind the 8ball but whatshould my next steps be?? In terms of advertising the unit & starting my tenant screening process?

Thank you

See if you have a local RE apartment association. If so, they can cover the screening. In my main market they will run rental applications for $13 a month (credit/criminal).

For advertising, I advertise my rentals on Facebook, Zillow Rental Manager,, and Craigslist.

Make a system for this so the steps are automatic next time this come up.

Do you have pics of the unit already? Advertise now on all the free listing sites mentioned by @Karl B.

As far as screening goes, you can use a (free) site like cozy or tenant cloud, or BP has a couple providers they work with as well to screen.

Good Luck!

@Jacob Rivera it depends a little on your location and target audience.  But Craigslist and Zillow are great places to advertise. Take great pics. It shouldn’t be too hard to find interested renters, though fall is a bit more difficult a time. 

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Thank all of you fellas for the info, this is the first time i've had to list my unit. If im gonna update my unit (new floors, paint, etc) should I advertise it with photos as it is now??

Yes - show current photos and state what work is being made in the rental ad as well as photo description (Zillow has photo descriptions). 

If still available, once the work is done, update the photos, of course.

Hi Jacob! Great question. Since it sounds like you're just getting started, it is worth noting that there are a lot of great tools out there you can use to screen, but I would suggest a platform that helps with not only listing the property (publishing it to 10+ other major listing sites) but also comprehensive tenant screening which includes a nationwide criminal background check, credit check, eviction history check, and requires references for prior tenancy. In addition, leases, payments/online rent collection, and maintenance tracking are all important as well. If you have any questions in regard to the screening process, let me know. Happy to help @Jacob Rivera