Good rental deal right next to a church - would you take it?

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I found what seems to be a great deal, single family, downtown area, good neighborhood where I could add good value with renovation.

The property is however literately next to a Catholic Church, I wonder if that may scare prospect tenants away (e.g. noise from the bells or something else).

Does any have experience with such kind properties here? Would you take it or not? What would be you big decision factors?

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I don't see an issue. Being next to a church would be considered a feature to some people, I'm sure. :)

In hindsight, I grew up living next to a town church. I don't remember a thing about it! So probably not as bothersome as you think.

@Syed H. I was thinking mostly about the noise from the bells, for example around mass time. 

@Tashina Taylor Thx. I might be overly cautious then. In my case, the memory i have when a child was going on holidays with my parents and staying at a hotel where the window of the room was literally at the bells height, so very loud ;) kind of extreme case I guess ...

@Jeff Kao talked to 2 neighbors, who have been living there  for 10Y+.  on one side it was for me ‘that can not be that bad’ but on the other they both said ‘today I don’t even noticed anymore’. 

What caught me was the TODAY in the sentence. 

I think you have different stake when you bought the place vs. rented (like marriage vs dating, you think much longer before breaking up when you are married ;)...

Good suggestion anyway! Thx.

@Fernando Sciessere the location might attract parishioners as renters-- especially if the church has a school. I'd want to know how the church affects the parking situation locally before I bought-- prospective tenants will want to know. 

It’s not a train track dude . Your over thinking this . For most folks a church is a welcome sight that would be a positive not a negative. Not a lot of crime prostitution or drugs sold in front lawns of churches

Originally posted by @Dennis M. :

It’s not a train track dude . Your over thinking this . For most folks a church is a welcome sight that would be a positive not a negative. Not a lot of crime prostitution or drugs sold in front lawns of churches

 Maybe I worded my post poorly. For parishioners, especially daily mass goers and people who want to send their kids to Catholic schools (if the parish has a school)-- the proximity is a big positive. 

You should buy the property and demand that the church moves so someone can open up a pot shop that also sells alcohol and guns.  

Dude, a church is not a big deal at all.  Probably more positive than negative.  I think more people will have issues w/ if the bedroom windows face east or south-east.

I would compare the location to being next to a school or commercial uses.

Extra noise and traffic sometimes.

Probably not a big deal, but a cemetery would be a quieter neighbor.

A bar would be worse. :>)

I have a duplex directly next to a church. The benefits have been...

They allow people to park in their lot (and all my tenants over the years have used this lot)

It is statistically safer/less crime next to churches

The church takes good care of their property.

I would buy again in a heartbeat.

@Brian S.

Quiet as a church mouse the story goes. I sold a house next to a large church and the #1 negative feedback I got from prospective buyers was the church. The problem isn’t the church it is that Agents have a difficult time overcoming that objection. I would definitely talk to your agent on ways to proactively discuss why the church there is good. Like more parking for friends and family when entertaining. Or that it is very quiet and churches foster a good feeling of community in the neighborhood. Once i discussed these things in my letter attached to the realtor listing sheet I had 3 offers.

I would buy, renovate and then rent it out. Property next to a Christian church is a great thing ... I would pay for a rental ad in the Sunday mass bulletin. What a great opportunity to attract tenants with great values.

@Fernando Sciessere I own a rental right next door to a church. We share a common side. The family in my rental loves it! They became members after a months of living there and they have become a strong member of the town. They’ve asked me to rent to own the house to then.

The kids also get to play in the yard owned by the church which adds about a half acre of play area.