Best renter screening services?

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Disclaimer: I only have one property so far. I am not affiliated with any sites mentioned.

I use for background checks and collecting rent. I don't use the other features they offer (application, maintenance requests, document sharing, listing syndication). I wrote a detailed post about it here:

@Vic Lopez

Oh, I figured that you had a system of allowing prospective tenants since you wrote "if you decline the tenant they are able to reuse that same report with another landlord."

I'd still like to ask the thorough set of questions, just not charge for the reports if they recently did one. I understand they may forge a report from a friend, but couldn't they do that on your Cozy application too?

Thanks for the reply. 

I use TenantCloud for background and credit checks. They offer a few options, so you can choose the one that suits you best. Btw, applicants can also pay for their report which is rather convenient.