Assistant Property Manager Position

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Hi Everyone,

I'm a recent Finance and Economics graduate and currently working as a financial analyst. I'm looking for an opportunity to work as an assistant to property manager as I don't have the experience to be a property manager myself. I would love to get into the field, but it is been kind of hard, any advice. I'm in the Miami/ Fort Lauderdale area.

Can I ask why you want to switch careers to property management? As a Financial Analyst your salary potential is likely much more than that of a property manager. My advice would be to maximize your W-2 potential and use that to invest. Having a high W-2 income is a great asset as it allows you to get traditional financing.

Perhaps you are looking for a weekend job/internship to help you learn more about real estate? That's a great idea. I would recommend looking for local Real Estate Investor meetups and network there. Maybe you can find a property manager or investor to network with and possibly shadow.

Also curious about why you want to transfer from a financial analyst to an assistant property manager. I think an assistant for property manager is to do some paper and accountant work, but may get a sense of property management.