Property Manager recommendations in Allentown, PA

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I was looking to see if any of you have used a property manager in Allentown/Bethlehem PA area that you would recommend.  I looking for residential management 4 units or less.  As always, your help is greatly appreciated!. If I can do anything for you please reach out to me!

Hi Michael, google Spade Property Management and give them a call.  Nick is a great guy, I know him personally.  I'm currently self managing now as I only have a few units.  But they would be the people I would speak with first about managing my properties when I get to that point.

@Michael Fucillo my clients utilize SlateHouse, KPMM, Lot 74 PM, and I've just gotten a heads up that Nick Spade has been doing good work as well. I'd be happy to talk more about the pros and cons my clients have shared with me and help you chose the right one, let me know!