Move out disposition of deposits dispute

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Dear all,

I have tenants that moved out leaving behind heavily soiled carpet and I have deducted damage from deposit. Now they are disputing it and accusing me in discrimination and bullying against single mothers (they are two friends who signed jointly the lease).

Both parties have signed move out checklist where it stated that they haven't cleaned the carpet completely. Upon me bringing the cleaning professional it turned out the carpet heavily soiled and there is evidence of a cat that's been on premises - something I have not agreed to.

I send an letter with detailed disposition of deposits and deductions.

Now they are upset I charged them too much (although I could forfeit it I guess completely) and use words as bullying and other stuff that seems bordering with legal.

Any thoughts?

I am in Washington state.

Thank you!



Be careful in any response you send them. Make sure when you correspond that you simply send them the receipt from the carpet cleaning. You can also ask the professional you used if it would be okay if you provided their number so your past tenant can contact them. 

Hello. Do you have photos or video of the carpet prior to move-in? If so, and the photos are clearly showing the carpets were cleaner than the photos you have of the carpet on move-out, you have nothing to worry about in the unlikely event they attempt to sue you.


@Catherine Emert , good point! I am very dry in my responses and staying on message. The other challenge is that don't give me the address where to send the check while mentioning the ordinance that states by when I need to send by law. All I am asking is the address where to send, but no response on it. Thank you for the insight!

@Karl B. I don't have pictures before only move in checklist. I do have plenty pictures after but they keep claiming it's from previous tenants.

I wonder... what if they do sue me, what would it look like? I would get a letter inviting me to small claims court or something? Any one went through it?

@Alik Levin - in Oregon you can send it "to the last known address" if they have put in for a forwarding this will help. But make sure to send it certified to prove you sent it. Take a photo of the envelope and your receipt