Lawn care seasons? Suggestions?

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Landlords, when do you typically start lawn care (mowing the grass, trimming bushes, and other things), and when do you stop? Any particular months?

I have my landscaper notify me when they'll start the season and when they conclude the year.

Usually they would start the season with spring cleanup around the beginning of March. Thereafter they'll start mowing and give me a monthly bill. This year was the first time I heard nothing from one of the landscapers in early March and texted and ask him when he'll start.

The season ends with fall cleanup the end of Nov and they send me a bill to conclude the year.

@Jingwen Dunford   My tenants look after the yards themselves.  I know others who provide lawn care with the rent (they price the rent higher to cover the costs) and contract it out to a company.  If you are doing the yardwork yourself, do what you'd normally do in your own yard.  For me that means late May to early Oct depending on the year.

Keep in mind this depends on where you live.  We go April to September, sometimes October. You usually don't have to tell lawn guys when to start but I have had to tell them to stop on occasion.  

You start and stop when it's needed, depending on your type of grass.

I would not pay for consistent lawn service. I would just order as needed.

Here in socal, I have tall fescue grass, and I like to grow it long during the hot summer to keep the soil moisture and shade, and to help prevent weed overgrowth. Grass is mowed and fertilized every two months spring through fall. Even less frequently during the winter when the grass is slower growing.

My goal is to do the least maintenance possible. Dig up and dispose any unnecessary bushes. Less is better.

@Jingwen Dunford

Really depends on climate. But here in the SE we usually start clean up in the early spring. Mowing runs March through November. Bushes are done May to early July and again October to early December, skipping the major hot and cold. Leaf season is usually October into January.