100 amp electric connection.

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What you'll probably want to do is request upgraded service to 150 or 200 amps. The power company comes in and sets you up with more power. At the same time, you have an electrician install a 150 amp or 200 amp service panel and transfer the existing circuits to the new panel with new breakers. During your rehab, you change things around and rewire accordingly.

In addition to what @Jim K. mentioned, be prepared for a major electrical upgrade. Every time I have encountered a 100 amp main, it is accompanied by outdated and non-code compliant internal wiring and on several occasions 'knob and tube.' The panel upgrade will require a permit and the city/county, who will issue the permit, will make this determination. 

While I agree with the others that a 100A panel often means older or outdated wiring, this isn’t always the case. A 100A service is code-compliant these days (really old 60A services aren’t) and there’s no reason anything needs to be upgraded JUST because of that 100A service and panel. But I would more closely look for knob and tube wiring and know that if you’re doing a kitchen/bath reno, you’ll most likely need to completely rewrire those spaces.

Watch out for electrical panels in closets we discovered here that they are no longer code so when we went for the permit to upgrade the service we had to move the entire panel & service drop. 

Ill add my two cents here. 100Amp main depends on what size property you have. I bought an out dated 4 plex and upgraded most of the wiring throughout. I have a 3/2 and the sub meter for that house is 100amp but my main four ganger is 400 amps. The amperage rating is max capacity of all appliances going at once so you can have 14  20 amp breakers as long as your load calculations do not exceed the 100 amp capacity. So if you plan on having heaps of HVAC and all the appliances in the world then consider upgrading, or if you have a 4,000 sq ft house. But my place is 1200 sq ft, standard appliances/wall mounted ACs and 100 amps will work just fine