What’s the value of a Washer/Dryer in an apartment ?

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I have about 10 Rental apartments and in some I supplied the washer and dryer and some I didn’t. The ones with W/D seemed to rent faster but not for much if any more than the apartments with the pair. I did a quick calculation and it seemed an average family of 4 would easily spend $35-50 per month if they went to the laundromat, not including trace time.

I can pickup decent used sets for less than $200, but the move in/out is a hassle.

Just looking to see in your 1-4 unit rentals if your including the W/D and if your getting a good bump in rent for it. Also, if you offer it as an upgrade how much did you ask for the W/D.

Bob, I generally get about $20 extra per month and they rent faster to better applicants. I also get to control the install, minimizing floor damage, using quality washer supply hoses to prevent flooding and make sure dryer vent connection is good. 

As a bonus  mine are 'on loan'.  They are working fine at move-in so they are responsible to repair or replace.  They tend to take better care of them and I don't have to play Maytag man. 

I strip/ped my apartments of them when we renovated. We put a nice new coin op speed queen pair in the basement and made a nice, clean laundry room.

Our rents are under other new buildings/ luxury in our market. Some have them, some don’t. I know mine would rent faster- and I would expect at least $50 more a month in my market.

A couple of the ones we pulled out were fires waiting to happen! All it takes is one dropped item to cause a tenant to start moving a dryer around and the best ductwork can go to hell.

Water is also a fortune in my market. 

Know your market- even with everything above, if the majority of my competition had them, I would too.