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Okay so it seems Propertyware, Buildium and Appfolio are some of the best softwares in the property market. Why is one better than the other? What are features they should take on that would change the industry?

thanks all

Hi @Kane G Pickrel

Those are all commercial grade softwares for larger-portfolio landlords and professional property managers. I think they do a solid job of helping out their ideal clients already.

I personally haven't used any of those because my portfolio is too small.  I use a software more geared towards smaller landlords, which has been cheaper and easy.

@Maya Roberts  

@Rachel Foster

Okay, thanks for the feedback I really appreciate it. Maybe to pivot the question, do either of you have any recommendations or grievances with the software geared for managers with smaller portfolios or the ones that you use? What are your thoughts on AI to facilitate communication between the landlord and tenant? Any feedback is greatly appreciated 

@Kane G Pickrel , my husband and I only have 8 units so we are definitely on the smaller end.

We recently started to use The Burbz.  No real grievances per say, however they are a newer company so there will be some minor bumps.  Honestly, I met @Kenny Dahill through BiggerPockets and just really like his vision for the company.  He's the founder but also a landlord.  If you're looking for somebody to change the industry, it'll be him. 

Every other company we considered we couldn't get in touch with somebody to answer questions, besides their emails or little helper chat.

I liked the personal touch he provided when we spoke too.  I had a minor issue when we first joined and he immediately responded, at 9pm!  Anybody as nice and hardworking as him, I'll always support.

Hi @Kane G Pickrel ,

I'm more than happy to help answer any questions. And thanks Maya for the shout out!

Renters want simplicity.  I've got 6 rentals myself. They prefer PayPal or Venmo, I used to use Venmo and it works fine for a smaller portfolio.  Although now I value myself more than my tenants, not to sound selfish but having multiple forms of payment gets annoying. It's simple, but annoying. That's the perk of a software, easy for landlord with other tools as well to benefit everybody involved.

Maintenance ticketing is a nice service for tenants as well. It helps them communicate their issues so the place is better taken care of.  Perhaps the biggest is building credit!  Some sites like Cozy report rents to the credit bureau. We intend to do the same hopefully soon, you need a minimum required units.

But no software will ever make up for being a lousy landlord. Truth hurts.  Address their maintenance requests.  Have the house completely ready and clean.  I actually give my tenants a little gift to start off our relationship nicely.