MedicAid Impact on Tenants Lease

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One of my tenants contacted me to explain how his wife had their kids on Medicaid but since they are both on the lease (as of 3 months ago), Medicaid has removed their kids from the plan.

He’s asking to please get him a new lease with only his wife on it so that they can reapply for their kids Medicaid.

First time I get this type of request, I’d love to facilitate this for my tenant but at the same time don’t want to put myself in an unwanted situation.

So far, 3 months in, they have been punctual with rent; I’d say they are one of the best tenants I have right now.

Looking for opinions here. Thanks!

This sounds fishy. I'm curious to hear what other people say.

The guy could have just taken white out to lease and copied it to get what he wants without impacting your original lease with him.

This is not much different than asking you to create a lease without his wife on it even though she will still be living there. Does she work and contribute to the rent?

@John Underwood

I agree with you, he could've whited out his name.

They qualified together. He strikes me as an honest man based on prior conversations.  I think that a new lease agreement without him on it, won't change their commitment to the lease (if he cares for his wife).  His wife will still be in the lease and he will still live there and contribute to payments.

The other part of it is that we'll end up with two leases.  Once he can use for what he needs with Medicaid, the other one can still be enforced...