Any ideas? Tenants' over-door hooks/hangers damaging jambs

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In our student rentals, probably 30% of the bedroom or bathroom doors and jambs have been damaged by tenants using towel/coat hangers that hook over the top of the doors. The hooks gouge the jambs and leave marks on the doors. Have other landlords had this problem? 

These are newer properties, and the doors and jambs are painted. We always repair the damage during turnover, but I'd like to figure out a way to stop it. Our student tenants don't always follow instructions. 

I'm thinking about permanently installing hooks on every bedroom and bathroom door, so the ones who want hooks won't have to use their own. Has anyone done this? Can you recommend a quality hook to use? If I installed one on every the bedroom and bathroom door, I would be installing about 400 hooks, so I don't want to use junk!

My husband claims that doors and door hinges aren't designed to hold the weight of all that stuff hanging on them all the time but I have never noticed a door sag even when I use it to hang my "luggage" purse... hooks are just so dang convenient.  I want them everywhere. I will be interested to see if the internet agrees with him ;) 

Pick on out and buy 400 of them. screw them in. If you don't you will always be saying to yourself, "I wish I had installed hooks. Door jams are no joke and kill a lot of time repairing. Great idea. 

Shawn Coverdell

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Hooks!  Most upscale vacation rental buildings have installed them to avoid the creative ways that guests will attempt to hang a host of things from just about everything.  The ones I like the most - in terms of function - were the multiple hooks on a hanging board. It distributes the weight over the hooks/board so it avoids someone over-weighing one hook and pulling it from the wall.  Got stuff, need hooks...