Window Screens on SFR?

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Would you put screens on your home's windows? What about screen doors? (The screen door seems more like a headache to me that anything) What about upgraded fencing to up property value later or or chain link if adding a fence? These are B Class properties,  but 2 of them flood the yard with water during storms and are low enough they have a grinder pump to run off to the city's serer system. The water always runs on off, but makes a mess in 2 of the yards. I might could fix this issue now, but is it something I should be wasting resources on now or at a later date? Just curious to your "absolutely nots" when putting money into a rental.

The plan is to buy and hold, so property value isn't really the motivator, but the homes are nice in the area and I want to keep them that way. But they have to pay for themselves. I'm just not sure what I should take on now, and what should come further down the road for upgrades or maintenance.

@Roxanne McClain   If this is your primary residence, I've found having screens on doors and windows beneficial, lets some cool air in and the bugs OUT!  If its an investment, some towns require it. 

 When it comes to fencing, my wife and I fenced in our entire yard with the white 6ft fence and it did not add any value to the property, helped it sell quicker... that's where the value was I guess, we did not get any of the money back for the fence! Personally what I have seen people do is the vinyl fence from street view and a nice chainlink for the perimeter. 

Hope that helps!

@Roxanne McClain   I would put screens on the windows to keep bugs out.  If they get damaged, you pay someone to replace the screen mesh and charge it to the tenant when they move out.  

As for the fence, what is common in the area?  If you do chain link, you can add privacy screening to those.

Screens are a plus, tenants like to save money in the spring and fall by opening windows so they don't have to run the AC.

Fenced yards are also as plus. I try and make my houses pet friendly (no carpet) and fence in yards. There are more people in the tenant pool that have pets than don't, people with pets seem to stay longer at you property reducing turnover and lost rents. Houses that are pet friendly rent faster and for more money. Pet fees and/or pet rent is extra income.

@Matthew Couto ,  @Theresa Harris , and @John Underwood all pretty much say the same thing, and I agree. I'm going to add the cost of window screens to the immediate costs I will put into the SFR. I do have screens on my own so I should add them.

The fencing is also something I think I'm going to do, just to help with giving everyone their own space and a little privacy when needed. Thanks for your advise.