Some positive tenant/ wealth stories?

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I just read an interesting post in this forum on the worst tenant/ trashed then rehabbed again experiences.

After months of reading Bigger Pockets books, taking in podcasts, forums, etc., I am starting to notice that buying 100k properties is usually in difficult neighborhoods, tenant problems, etc.

Question: there is an upside right? Is anyone building their wealth one house at a time BRRRR or otherwise?

I need some real world inspiration!


We have an arms length niche where we concentrate on low priced C-class properties & farm them out to others who approach us.

So here's one of the many we have done over the last 20+ years. Picked up a duplex in foreclosure for $13,500 & both units had gutted kitchens & baths. Had my guy put in new kitchens & baths for $1500 in materials. Our agent had a guy tired of $425 lot rent & a moldy single wide. He took it 'as is' CFD for $38k @ 13% 15 years. Rented out the other unit, paid all ongoing maintenance & makes a direct deposit including escrow/month for taxes, ins, water & trash. He has 18 months left.

A recent one. We picked up 3-plex for $46k held it CFD for $67k @ 14%. They collected the rents, maintained it & after 9 years 8 months stopped paying the $1300/month (this included escrow for taxes, fees etc) so we evicted & immediately sold it 'as is' for $30k.

We have done & continue to do a LOT of these.

I got a good story . I just sold a house today to my tenant . Was a great feeling for all involved ! I get a nice return without the tenants termites and trash and she gets to own part of the American dream that she probably would have never had an opportunity to do otherwise . It’s possible to turn a tenant into a homeowner and everybody can win even the closing attorney wins! I even gave her a 50$ home depot gift card at closing as a house warming gift .

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Yes, these are the best deals. I literally sniff out nasty stinky cat pee infested ran down shooter shacks. We draw straws on who gets to roll up the carpet. 

Were doing very well.

Shawn Coverdell

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Yeah, of course there's an upside. We keep inching toward wealth and many of our tenants actually like and respect us.