Facebook - Tenant Screening

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I have been seeing in a number of written articles where a number of investors are looking at applicant's facebook page before deciding to rent to them.  It is an interesting concept that I did not consider previously.  How are people doing this?  There are multiple occurrences of a person's name on facebook in the same City. 

@Marcus House Great morning,

This might be a tactic to use after the tenant has met preliminary qualifications and you have had a showing with the prospect. Now that you know what the tenant looks like, you can use social media to find out further information about them.

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@Marcus House it can definitely take some sleuthing. I get a lot of this when I screen my tenants in Berwyn as many of them may pop up in Chicago. I try inputting their emails as well. Sometimes I look mainly for the photo. I also try to see if I can find other people on their application and then find them through the friends tab. Some people don't use their name as their profile. The last thing is that you can put their contact info into google contacts which often times then directs you to them. 

@John Warren I did not know you could search within Facebook against email. I would have to give that a try and also look at the Google contacts thing you mentioned. Thank you.