Renting while searching for new home

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Hello BP,

My wife and I are in the process of renting out primary residence and purchasing a new home (which will be our primary residence). We have obtained approval and have been searching for our next house and have placed our current home up for rent. I'm looking for advice/suggestions as to how to manage potential renters concerning move in dates. We have gotten a lot of interest/inquiries but haven't replied. Ultimately, I realize the goal is to have no vacancy from the time we buy and move out to the time a new renter comes in. Obviously this our first time doing this so any help is greatly appreciated. Located in North Dallas, Tx

Hello Mizael. This is easy. Simply don't list your current house for rent until you have found your new place and have a closing date. It seems like you have a lot of interest in your current home from potential renters so vacancy shouldn't be an issue. Find your next houses first. Get a closing date. Then list your house up for rent and available about 1 week after your new house closes. This gives you time to move out and clean it. 

Jon, thank you very much for that advice. Believe it or not that was actually my preference. We had heard some advice that by announcing the home for rent we could gauge the interest and gather info on what sites attracted more attention. Not sure on your thoughts on this. Anyways, placing it for rent before we were ready did make the process feel very awkward for me and what your saying makes simple sense. Thank you again!