Property Management Apps/Software

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Can anyone recommend a property management app or software that they like? I need something that is intuitive, pretty comprehensive, and not too expensive (don’t want to break the bank with this as it’s my first investment property). What are the pros and cons?

Appreciate any/all feedback!

Hi @Gerry Magrini ,

There are several options for you that are free: Burbz, Cozy, TenantTurbo, etc.  Here's a list that BP put together to help.

@Gerry Magrini - Hi Gerry, as others have noted there are a lot of good tools out there that could be worth considering; but definitely look for a software solution built for DIY landlords (1 - 15 units) so you can bring some sense of automation to the rental management process (just to make things much much easier for you). 

Again, a lot of the options mentioned above are great tools to use but definitely consider an option that presents a one-stop-shop for collecting rent as well (and has faster payment processing than the others). Again, a lot of great recommendations already though and happy to answer any questions that you might have about online property management software options.