Property management software for Canadians investing in U.S.

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Does anyone know of property management software that will allow a Canadian to collect rent on U.S. rental properties? I tried cozy but when it comes time for me to verify my ID the software will not allow me to enter Canadian information. So basically I can't collect using ACH with their software which would be super convenient. Thank you for an information.

Hi @Glen Emery , unfortunately ACH is country specific and the more popular vendors only allow USA.  I've ask our vendor previously about Canadian's using an American bank, still wouldn't work.

Although!  I got an interesting email today from our vendor about a potential international update.  I've asked for additional information from them and will share with you once I get more information.

Thanks Kenny but will I be asked to verify my ID buy entering a U.S. social security number and a U.S. address? I am not American so I don't have those. That's were all the software's lose me. 

Smart Property Systems has that capability.  However they are coming out with a new software for Landlords who want to manage for themselves called Ideal Landlord.  Both will allow you to collect via ACH in Canada.  I think the launch date is in late October for the Ideal Landlord product which is powered by Smart Property Systems.  The SPS product will be sold to property management companies who need owner reports etc.  

@Glen Emery , it would have to do with your bank clearance.  Unfortunately I haven't heard back yet on the international element.  I don't think address is an issue, it's your lack of SSN.