Help me to undertand more about Rental insurances available.

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Hai guys, I am going to start a new business. But I am not aware of any rental insurances. If anyone is knowledgeable about those, please do share. It would be a great help. Looking for your replies.

@Kesiya Kalf If you are looking to start a new real estate investment business then congratulations. Property owners are still required to have insurance coverage for the rental properties. Its called Landlord Insurance. It has all the overages that standard insurance policy would be for an owner occupant property. However, a standard landlord policy doesn't cover you for loss of rents. You will need to get a separate rider for this. Loss of rents coverage pays you the rents that your tenant was currently paying in the event of fire, earthquake, tornado, etc displaced them. When interviewing insurance companies if they don't have a clue about a loss of rents coverage's then move on to one that is investor friendly. There are plenty of them out there. Hope this helps you as you start your real estate investment company.