Tenant is MIA. What are my options?

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My tenant has been late always and after we sent a notice last time to pay or quit, they started paying the rent on time since couple months.

I suddenly got an email few days ago from them saying they can't afford to rent anymore and they have vacated the property.  When my property manager went to check the property, there is an abandoned car and few furniture in the living and nothing else.  They have also disconnected the electricity and Water is still on.

Since I have in writing (email) that he has moved out,

1) Should I go ahead and change the locks.  

2) How about the deposit and rest of the contract (which I'm least worried about)

3) What do I do with furniture that is inside.

My property manager is saying we will wait for few weeks and if we don't end up hearing back, we can get the furniture moved out.

Any help would be appreciated.


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PS: The property is in the state of Georgia

If the tenant has told me they left. 

1. I would change the locks and start the turnover process. 

2. The deposit I would apply to any past due rent or damage. 

3. I would throw away any furniture that was left behind.

Here is a handbook for handling abandoned property in the state of Georgia.

OP should:

- Inventory all abandoned property (description, photos, etc).

- Move these items to storage for one month

- Notify tenant that items will be disposed of after one month

- Begin the turnover process after removal of the tenant's personal belongings