Controversial Real Estate Topics

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Hi! I am a landlord and am taking my final writing class in college and want to do a research paper on something real estate related (Might as well research what I am interested in). I need your help finding something that is argumentative and can be researched fairly easily. Any ideas would be appreciated. 

Some ideas I have:

Landlord/tenant laws by state- but not sure what I would argue. 

Zoning laws/issues.

Eviction process and related laws per state. 

With these ideas I don't know what kind of thesis I would make or what kind of argument I can bring. English is my weak subject.

Thanks in advance. 

Write about the communists that run California and their new rent controls.

I don't want to put words in your mouth, but I would argue that they are filthy communists who know nothing of free markets, who want to bully the minority (property owners) to gain the votes of the majority (tenants). The communists would rather put the burden of affordable housing on the backs of property owners, than work on solutions that increase supply to meet the increase in demand.

Like typical Communists they are only fooling their constituents and the dumbest of themselves to believe that 5% increase in rent + inflation rate, capped at 10% is actually a rent control. Anything larger than that is unsustainable anyway even for California standards.

Therefore their political posturing is simply that, while setting the stage for later communist solutions to free market issues.

But again, I don't want to put words in your mouth.

Updated over 2 years ago

Apparently the final bill was a 7% cap. What an effing joke.

There's a post about emotional support animals from yesterday. It's an interesting read (link below). As a recent college grad I have personally witnessed people declaring their pets as emotional support animals to be able to take them into apartments where pets are not typically allowed and/or to avoid fees. 

example 1: Student moves away from home and gets an apartment where pets are not allowed. Later declares their pet from home as an emotional support animal and moves it into the said apartment. 

example 2: Student moves into inexpensive housing where pets are not permitted. Later decides to get a pet and asks the landlord. The landlord says no. The tenant gets said pet as an emotional support animal. 

I'm not sure where the law stands on the matter, but I think it would be interesting to look into. 


concerning landlording niche ,I can’t think of any thing more socially controversial than the concept of leveraging the financial ignorance of low income areas to your financial benefit through low income housing .. aka slumlording