Indianapolis investor looking to learn from hands on experience

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I am looking to learn more about real estate investing by actually doing. When it comes to learning I’ve learned that people learn best by getting their hands dirty. If there are any full time opportunities to help and learn I would love to help. In the long run I want to be able to soak up as much information for as long as I can. Thanks in advance for any responses!

Hey @Matt Cramer .  My first piece of advice is to start networking and marketing yourself as much as possible on BP.  There are a lot of people on here that are very experienced and can help you in your pursuit of knowledge.  I actually work with @Kerry Noble Jr who has made comments below.  If you need a contractor @Andre Manning is good for estimates. 

I currently am not members of any club or social group as of now. If you are starting out basically go through the forums and introduce yourself to everyone in the area that you are looking to work in.  I am currently posting at least 15 posts a day on BP just getting my name out there.  Being active on BP will get a lot of people interested in you.  Buyers and sellers alike