What are considered deficiencies when inspecting a rental unit?

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Any property mangers out there able to help me with understanding some terminology.

I recently made it the final stages of an interview process for a property inspector position, and have been assigned a case study in which I am shown a number of photos of a rental unit and asked to identify any "deficiencies" in the photos.

I realize that this includes damages to the unit, , things that need to be replaced, but I feel like I am being too detailed in my observations, for example minor marks on the wall, would you report that? Also what else should I be looking for ando defincenies also include parts of the home that the tenant has not cleaned? Any help guidance, resources, would be really appreciated as I'm really trying to get into this industry as I love real-estate :)

don't observe marks on the wall. I would say any kind of cracks that can potentially get worse, water marks of penetration that can potentially grow mold, things not up to code like hanging wire that is not capped, unstable front porch steps, railing.. things that need to be replaced like windows, doors..   Too much to list but hope this helps.. 

It’s a bit vague since there’s no industry-wide definition of deficiency. I assume they mean ‘what would you charge the tenant for repair and not normal wear and tear’

In that case, things like marks on the walls, picture hook holes, etc, are wear and tear and not billed. Damages are.

Are you inspecting for purchase or for cleaning/repairs to charge to the tenant? I'm not sure I understand exactly what you're asking.

Marks on the wall are generally considered ordinary wear-and-tear, as long as they are minimal.

Dirt is never ordinary wear-and-tear and should always be charged.

What should you report? Everything. Report everything and let the Property Manager decide what to charge and what to ignore.