Closing on my first tent occupied duplex, “What should I know”?

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Let me first say how grateful I am that such a community like BiggerPockets exists. It’s through the education, the transparent Podcast, and supportive community; that such an average guy like myself, not only believe I too can reach financial freedom, but actually make it a reality..

I’m closing on my first investment property in 2 weeks, I also will have my first tent at that time as well. With that comes a flood of questions that brings me to this posting.

What should I be prepared for as a Landlord?

What type of protections should I have?

What should I know to be the best Landlord possible?

Thanks BP members for the advice and feedback!

First know your state landlord-tenant laws. You can google those and print them out. 
If the property is occupied you should have copies of the leases.

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