Lease to Own bailed, Worth Going after?

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I sold a mobile home (I still hold title) on a lease to own to someone who 3 months in has bailed on the park payments and not paid monthly payments to me. He did pay significant down that he knows he is losing and because he has been there almost 3 months and is moving out and walking away, Do I just play nice and move on or do I try and go after him for past due payments knowing he had nothing (even had a call with his investment manager who paid the initial deposit for him and the buddy said he can’t help either of us don’t call him anymore). Lesson learned not to be so nice for so long but for now have to deal with what it is and learn the best I can. I’m not losing my shirt in the deal as I did get nice deposit but wondering about payments and worth the time and hassle to get blood from turnip.

Sorry it may not all make sense it is hard to type all the details but these are the main points.

Thanks in Advance!