Security Deposit: TV Wall Mount Installation

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When I did a moving out walkthrough with my tenants, I've noticed that they took down the TV wall mount that I left when they moved in two years ago. They said it didn't fit their big TV so they installed a new one and they took it with them and left mine in the basement uninstalled. So the wall is empty now.   

I thought I can ask them that I need to deduct the cost of installation since my new tenants want their TV wall mounted. I checked the contract and it states in the section of "Alteration"-No antenna or other equipment (not specific TV mount though)

1. Is it the thing I could deduct from their deposit since they didn't ask permission to replace? 

2. I didn't bring that up at the walkthrough but can I still claim it since I have 30 days deposit return policy and they moved out on 8/28?

3. Can you give me advice on how I could access this issue briefly? Should I hire a professional TV mount installer and send them a quote?

They were my first tenants and I am still confused with what to ask or whatnot and how..Thank you so much for your input in advance.

@Hae Sun Yi I don’t see why you can’t charge them to reinstall the equipment they removed. I’d probably go to a handyman to install rather than a TV installer - I’d imagine in 30min it could be back on the wall securely.

Thanks for your reply. I really appreciate it. 

When I email my tenants about it, they were mad arguing I didn't mention at the walkthrough and they rather saved my time not asking me to take down old one and install a new one. They were firmed that they are not paying for the cost.

They mentioned that they took that down because it didn't fit at the walkthrough. I did not say ok with it but I didn't claim that either at the moment. Again, I'm a novice and this was my first-time walkthrough, and there were many things that I needed to check at the moment.

Can I still claim the issue later than a walkthrough before 30 days policy expires?

The Tenant is always required to return the property in the "same as, or better" condition. If the wall mount was mounted when they moved in, they are responsible for putting it back.

All cleaning and repairs charged to the Tenant should be done by a professional, not a Landlord. Many courts will not award you the cost of work you've done yourself because it's too easy for Landlords to fraudulently charge tenants.

@Hae Sun Yi , I would base this on my experience with the previous tenants.  If they were good tenants then I'd let it be.  Did they repair the walls from their TV mounts at least?

I'd ask the current tenants to install it.  You provide them a free TV mount if they want it.  What happens if the current mount doesn't fit their TV?

I'd always leave this as an option with the tenants and as long as they repair the holes on the wall I'd be alright.