Judgement collection Bronx

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Does anyone have any recommendations or other ideas to collect a judgement? I am looking for a collection agency but they all have bad reviews. I am looking in the bronx (nyc) area but open to all.


@Raza Rizvi I'm going through the process of trying to collect a judgement in the Bronx also.  It was hard for me to find a company who collects judgement for tenant/landlord issues but I found a law firm based in NYC.  I can't say I recommend them though because its been almost a year since I've hired them and there's still almost no movement on my judgement and they are not very transparent with whats going on /next steps.  I found one other company not based in NYC and I'm about to make the switch (I can message you both names if yo'd like), but let me know if you find anyone else who can help!

btw all collections companies will have bad reviews from the people who are delinquent lol